We are completely dedicated and focused to provide safe, smooth and fast shopping experience to our cherished customers. To help and guide you through our online shopping, we have made a detailed list of regularly asked questions and written answers below for your convenience. However, if you fail to find your respective question, you can easily contact us, and we will be very happy to satisfy your doubt or query.

Yes. The drugs that we sell are of the top quality without any shortcomings or deficiencies. The generic medicines we provide are actually approved by American Food and Drug Administration. In addition, we procure drugs from established and prominent pharmaceutical companies across the globe. The drugs are produced under government supervision and packaged in hygienic/air tight packets.

According to trademark rules and regulations, generic medicine should not look similar to brand name version. Therefore, the generic drugs you ordered from us looked different from their branded versions, even though both have identical active ingredients and tend to work in same way.

Generic drugs are also referred to as generic medications and are promoted without brand names. Moreover, these drugs are considered similar to their brand name versions in all respects like safety, bioavailability, dose, strength, intended use, active ingredients, route of administration and efficacy.

Yes, all our generic medicines are obtained from well-known manufacturers, therefore our products meet national and international specifications and are rigorously regulated for potency, quality and safety.

To process the customer order as fast and safe as possible, we just need complete shipping information, prescription order and correct payment details.

We accept credit/debit card, & PayPal Payment only. We employ fool-proof safety measures for online payments and don’t compromise on security and privacy of our customers.

You can change your shipping address if your order is still in processing stage and has not been dispatched yet.

The orders are delivered through government postal service or established private courier companies.